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5 of the best lightweight carbon bike wheels Prime RP-38 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset. The Prime RP-38 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset is the perfect partner for... Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Clincher Disc Wheelset. The Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL C Disc brings the benefits of a superlight... Reynolds. Our MEILENSTEIN is the perfect all-round wheel and belongs to the lightest full carbon wheels on the market. Besides the excellent stiffness to weight ratio, the MEILENSTEIN convinces with its braking performance and the very high directional stability.. The Scope R3 is the company's best lightest wheelset, weighing just 1,440g in rim brake guise (1,447g for the disc version). Like all Scope products, the R3 wheels are designed as a system, meaning.. 1 The selection of budget lightweight road bike wheels. 2 Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 50mm Clincher Wheelset. 3 Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels. 4 SunRise Bike Carbon Road Wheels. 5 ICAN 700C Light Weight Road Bike Carbon Wheelset Clincher. 6 Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset BITURBO RS lightest 6 spoke carbon mountainbike wheel Description A flagship of a consistent, innovative and unique further development of the classic BITURBO S

At 1,327g the 42 Disc wheels from Giant's performance Cadex brand are light for deeper section carbon wheels. There's outstanding stiffness and a very rapid ride feel with fast acceleration and the.. Of the half dozen lightweight carbon rim brake climbing wheels we tested, I recommend the ENVE SES 3.4 as the Best Performer and available at the best prices from my top-ranked stores here, here and here, and the Bontrager Aeolus XXX 2 as the Best Value and available here Actually the lightest wheel set available is the Roadrunner 25T Ultra of 77 Composites weighing around 760g, it's a custom build model but their Roadrunner 25T Pro also only ways around 840g. http://shop.77composites.com/laufradsaetze/rennrad/22/roadrunner-25t-ultra-760g-2 WEGWEISER ist unser Allround Carbon-Laufrad für die Straße und läutete bei Lightweight, nicht nur aufgrund der Scheibenbremsen, eine neue Ära ein. Eine neue Evolutionsstufe wurde in der Produktion der hochwertigen Laufräder erreicht. Handarbeit wird mit maschinellen Arbeitsschritten kombiniert und erlaubt so eine deutlich schnellere, noch präzisere Fertigung unter Beibehaltung des Qualitätsprädikats Handmade in Germany.. The 30mm deep carbon rim disc brake boasts the brand's own two-way fit technology, which means they can be used with either clincher or tubeless tires. The lightweight wheels are remarkably fast,..

Lightweight im Bike24 Onlineshop kaufen Carbon Laufräder mit Leidenschaft zum Detail! Carbon Laufradsatz Drahtreifen Schlauchreifen Fahrradbekleidun As one of Campagnolo's best selling wheels, the Zonda is a lightweight alloy training wheel. The rims are supremely stiff and now been widened (22mm) to better pair with wider tyres Ibis isn't usually known for making budget components, but its carbon wheels are actually some of the more affordable out there, especially considering what you get with them. For one, the S28 wheels are some of the lightest on this list, a full 150 grams below most of the competition. And then there's the collaboration with Stan's for the shorter, stronger BTS hookless beads. There are also the Logo hubs, which are very similar to a certain I9 hub, offering 10-degrees between.

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  1. Who is LightCarbon? Xiamen LightCarbon Composite Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of carbon bike components in China. Our main products are: carbon frames and carbon rims. 2012 - We set up a carbon frame factory in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Since then we started developing and manufacturing of carbon frames and carbon forks. 2015 - We took shares of a carbon rim factory in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. At the same time, we set up international LightCarbon team.
  2. BST carbon fiber wheels may be coveted based on looks alone, but like the high-performance bikes they're bolted to, it's what is under the skin that is really impressive. BST wheels are built on extensive experience in the aerospace industry. This, combined with real-world success in world-championship-level roadracing, dragracing and in setting numerous land-speed record, today's BST.
  3. The lightest mountain bike wheels are custom made and 999 grams for a 29″ wheelset is the limit right now. In order to get the lightest wheels you need to pick the parts yourself and have them assembled. There's more to it, what is a MTB wheel anyway? It consists of rims, hubs, and spokes and in order to get some weight off, you need to pick the right ones. If you take it to the extreme even rim nipples add weight. So let's dive a bit into how to reduce weight, the benefits and.
  4. Bianchi launched an updated version of its lightweight Specialissima CV road bike last October, adding disc brakes for the first time while keeping the claimed frame weight at a claimed 750g - the same as that of the existing rim brake Specialissima. The full-carbon fork has a claimed weight of 370g

The MEILENSTEIN Clincher has already emerged as the outstanding winner in many tests and is probably the most exclusive and powerful full carbon clincher wheelset in the world. The Lightweight Meilenstein wheelset can be purchased with a 24 mm wide rim and is perfectly suited for Endurance and comfort road bikes ICAN Carbon Road Bike 700C Wheelset Clincher 38mm Rim Sapim CX-Ray Spokes Only 1350g: Lightest Carbon Wheelset with the Smoothest Ride. Outside of the Shimano Dura Ace carbon wheelset, this is arguably the best climber on our list. Unfortunately, this ICAN does not technically qualify as a true climber wheel since its rim depth is 38mm - just 8mm too large for the category. However, this. Everything around your Lightweight wheels. Fast shipping. Wheel repair service Tel +49 (7541) 3889 - 14 Fax +49 (7541) 3889 - 55 Write us an emai Best road bike wheels for the money Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 C24 Carbon Laminate Clincher Wheelset The Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 is made with reinforced polymer, bonded to a lightweight carbon fairing, and an alloy braking track, making it incredibly light at just 1,389g. However, they are still very durable Best mountain bike wheels in 2021 | Trail, all-mountain and enduro wheels tested The products mentioned in this article are selected or reviewed independently by our journalists

If you are looking to get a new set of carbon road bike wheels for your rim brake bike, you are going to want them to perform well on every measure. For what they will cost you, they better deliver a big improvement in performance over the carbon hoops you have now or transform your cycling experience if you've been riding stock or upgrade alloy wheels AR465 Disc Wheelset: X-Flow Aero Edge, 46.5mm-Deep AM930 asymmetric rim profile carbon 29 inch carbon rims mtb Bead hook-less rims carbon 29er light bike rim tubeless compatibl The Kovee XXX TLR 29er wheelset represents the lightest and stiffest offering in Bontrager's cross-country range and is raced exclusively by Anton Cooper, Emily Batty and Jolanda Neff on the UCI MTB World Cup circuit The lightest value-carbon and upgrade gravel wheelsets both run in the 1450-1475 gram range, a difference you'll notice between 1575-1675 gram range of most of the wheels in these two categories. Unfortunately, the lighter wheels I tested and others I found have a narrower internal width (22.5-23.5mm) than the heavier, full 25mm ones. Rims with narrower internal widths typically equate to. 3. RaceFace Next Wheel: Best wheelset for freestyle riders. 4. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels: Stylish, affordable wheelsets for urban riding. 5. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels: Lightweight, affordable wheelsets with high braking performance. 6. SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9100 C24 Carbon Laminate Road Wheelset: Perfect lightweight.

Road SLR Ceramic Carbon Bike Wheels Road wheels have three key features: lighter, stiffer, stronger. We always keep these in mind when we design our Road rims. We are doing our best to make our rims lighter and stiffer, especially, stronger. Carbon wheels are expensive. But no riders would like to hesitate their next jumps to value the rims strength and the expense in their mind. A Zipp's Nest Speed Weaponry lab spins out a new top-tier with all-new carbon 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake wheels, balancing all-around road bike aerodynamics in Zipp's lightest-ever tubeless wheelset. With an undulating 45mm deep Sawtooth profile & signature Zipp dimples, the 353 NSW promises unmatched aerodynamic gains, crosswind stability, and a complete wheelset weight of just 1255g, and. Lightest-ever 1266g DT Swiss Mon Chasseral disc brake, tubeless carbon climber's road bike wheels. By. Cory Benson - April 15, 2020. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Digg. ReddIt . Mix. Email. DT Swiss has given the Mon Chasseral designation to the lightest of their climber's road wheels for almost fifteen years. Named after the highest peak in the Jura mountains just outside of. Top 10 Best Carbon Road Bike Wheels Campagnolo Bora One 50 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset Reynolds 80 Aero Carbon Road Wheelset Fast Forward Tyro Carbon Clincher Wheelset Zipp 303 S Carbon Tubeless Road Wheelset Enve Foundation Collection 45 Carbon Tubeless Wheelset Reynolds AR 41x DB Carbon Road.

Lightweight - Premium Carbon Wheels for Road Bike

High-quality carbon bicycle parts - wheels, rims, handlebars and seatposts - MADE IN GERMANY. The world's lightest 6 spokes monocoque wheel with best stiffness and benchmark durability, manufactured by German craftmanship The bike consists of a Toray T800 frame made up of carbon fibres. The bike is lightweight. The fork and the seat post of the bike are also designed ergonomically, weighing light yet featuring a stiff finish. The speed control of this bike is made to cause extreme convenience to the rider. The Shimano 105 R7000 2*11 speeds with a shift lever. It uses a front and a rear Shimano derailleur. The.

Best lightweight wheels: An in-depth buyer's guide

Lightest climbing wheels with extralite hub.Extralite road brake hubs 188g/pair only.With RV20T super light carbon tubular rims plus sapim cx-ray spokes and nipple,PL20T-EX total weight under 950g/pair for climing.28/28H partten make more stiffness and stability with lower tyre pressure are available.Lightweight carbon climbing wheels with strict rider weight limited.The recommend rider weight. Heavier wheels require more energy and lighter wheels require less. Lightweight carbon wheels make a bike feel snappy and easier to get up to speed. They can help you climb faster and save energy on long rides. Naturally, carbon wheels enjoy widespread use in high-level XC racing where riders are focused on saving weight to maximize performance Some wheel specs. Much like Lightweight's wheels, the Partington wheels are produced as a single unit. A unique carbon fibre spoke design is bonded under tension to two points of the rim. Complete your custom bicycle with a set of lightweight bike wheels now at Wrench Science. Get the performance you want from your ride by adding lightweight wheelsets A carbon fat bike wheel with innovative features that make it the ultimate tool for high-performance fat bikers, whether in snow or dirt. • Intended Use: Fatbiking • Inner rim width: 85mm • Recommended Tire Size: 3.8-4.5 • Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible. M7. M7. Trail-tough, quick-mannered, and completely innovative, the M7 is the trail wheel on steroids that protects you from.

Best Budget Lightweight Road Bike Wheels in 2021 [Buying

  1. You might spend thousands on the lightest bike frame, but if your wheels are heavy, you could be wasting money. Unfortunately, to get the lightest wheels, it will cost you a lot of money as the material and construction of them increase from the cheaper wheels. Often bike shops will sell a light carbon-framed frame but include heavier wheels as this will bring the price of the overall bike.
  2. The Ballistec carbon frame shaves weight with a narrow shell 30mm press-fit bottom bracket and it was one of the first to adopt road bike style 'Flat Mount' disc brake fittings. It also uses a Cannondale-specific Ai wheel offset which you need to factor in when upgrading but, with ENVE carbon rims as standard on this World Cup replica, that's unlikely to be an issue for power-and.
  3. Carbon wheels are popular among road bike cyclists because they are aerodynamic, lightweight, and some say they offer a better ride overall. Carbon wheels can be expensive, but we've selected a set of the some of the best road bike wheels under 1000 dollars. 1. ICAN 50MM CARBON ROAD BIKE WHEELSET - best carbon wheelset
  4. World's Lightest Road Bike at 2.7kg. This road bike weighs in at 6lbs (2.7kg): Lighter than the laptop you're probably using right now. The bike you're about to see was an idea originally started and created in 2008 by a German guy named Gunter Mai who logged over 20,000km on the machine for a couple years and it weighed at around 3.2kg
  5. To begin with, the ICAN Fat Bike wheelset (Amazon) are made of carbon and have a width of 90 mm. This means that it can handle any type of fat tire with ease, and people are going to have a very smooth ride overall. Everything feels very comfortable on the bike when going up and down different trails, and the material is built to last a long time as well. What people notice with the very wide.
  6. The vast majority of gravel bikes accept either 700c (standard road size, actual rim diameter equal to 29in mountain bike rim) or smaller 650b wheels (actual rim diameter equal to 27.5in mountain.
  7. Fatigue life on carbon mountain bike wheels is a tough topic to answer. In a perfect world, carbon fiber can have an infinite fatigue life. But reality is much more complicated. The spoke tensions.

BITURBO RS lightest 6 spoke carbon mountainbike wheel

Danny MacAskill proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Reserve's carbon wheels are seriously tough when he tested them to failure down steps without a tire. Reserve already have 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 37mm internal width rims and a DH wheelset on the market. Today, the Reserve 28 XC Wheelset joins them as their lightest mountain bike wheelset yet. We wholesale carbon bike wheels such as carbon road disc wheels,light carbon road wheelset,carbon road wheels,carbon mountain bike wheels. Our carbon wheels are precise hand built,have high radial,lateral,torsional stiffness and longer durability. See more details here

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Aluminium typically offers better value than carbon, particularly for riders who want a set of lightweight wheels without breaking the bank. While the aerodynamic advantage of a carbon wheel. Wheel. €17.50. Learn More. Lightweight HANDBAND handlebar tape. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Handlebar Tape. As low as €18.00. Learn More. Lightweight quick releases SSP2 44 g (set

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Set of Big Deal Carbon rims hand built on our Borealis hubs. Endcaps and driver included. One of the lightest fat bike rims around and built around our bombproof hubs. Big Deal is 445 grams and 85mm-wide of pure fat-bike joy. This one-piece, full-carbon rim will change the way you ride. Big Dea carbon MTB 650B wheel mountain bike 27.5 wheels total weight 1455g. 564 USD/Pair .Tubeless compatible. For downhill bike Disc brake 38mm deep lightweight carbon road bicycle tubular rim. Item DT38S, weight 330g, ERD 569mm. Wider and U shape 38mm deep aero designed rim profile, constructed with premium Toray T700 & T800 carbon fiber, makes this disc tubular rim super light, a good choice for lightweight road wheels. Details. Aero road bike carbon rim 28mm wide 38mm deep clincher tubeless. Item DX38L, weight 410g. The lightest road bike ever built is a custom-made concoction that was originally the creation of one person, Gunter Mai. This same bike has since been rebuilt to be even lighter by Fairwheel.

Prime has created a tough yet lightweight package with its Kanza 650B Carbon Gravel wheels. The wide rims make fitting larger tyres a breeze and they stand up to a lot of abuse on the trails. At under 1,600g they are responsive too, and you certainly can't complain about the price. For the full review of the Prime Kanza 650b wheelset click here Road Bike Wheels; Factory Road Wheels; Factory Road Wheels. 89 Results. Looking for the best 'bang for your buck' Carbon Wheels upgrade to boost your bike's performance? Or maybe a replacement set of daily commuting wheels? There are suitable options for every rider and every price point. Before purchasing, it's worth thinking about what you need from your new wheels and what type of riding. In 1989, around the time he was about to graduate from university, he, together with his brother, opened a bike store, concentrating on high-end bicycle parts. From that on he developed superlight carbon handlebars, carbon seatposts and carbon wheels. With all his passion for the detail he currently have the lightes carbon handlebar in the world Some, including the Enve SES 2.2, are now using carbon hubs. Like most bike parts made with carbon, the main advantage here is the weight. The more carbon components on your bike, including the wheels, the lighter the bike. But in addition to weight, carbon also offers increased stiffness, which means better performance

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Yuanan Aero Carbon Tubular Tubeless Road Bike Wheel: Improved braking power. 1625: SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset: Better drive rigidity. Lightweight. Stiff. 1485: 9 best road bike wheels you can buy today for climbing up & down. Below, we have created a comparison table for 9 best road bike wheels for climbing, where they have been selected based on their specific. Knight makes a range of specialized carbon wheels. Some of the designs are made in collaboration with Schwalbe. Lightweight https://lightweight.info As its name suggests, Lightweight offers low weight carbon bike wheels. The T 20C design comes with a weight of just 475g. Mavic https://www.mavic.com Mavic manufactures pro-level wheels. They are.

Best road bike wheels reviewed 2021: disc and rim

  1. Lightweight Meilenstein tubular wheels - the versatile 47.5mm carbon tubular wheelset from Lightweight. 1100g a pair for these incredible tubulars. Lightweight Edelhelfer Cage | 18g bottle cage £ 75.00. Add to Basket Quick View. A nice understated finishing touch for your bike. The Lightweight EDELHELFER is made using the same method as used for their spokes and weighs in at a mere 18 g. As.
  2. Carbon bike wheels are arguably the most beneficial upgrade on anyone's bike. They offer huge performance benefits over a basic pair of wheels. They are also a great way of customising your bike and making it stand out from the crowd. VeloElite wheels have created a range of wheels that offer you the choice of rim graphic colour. Our range of carbon wheels are all based around the DT Swiss.
  3. Rotobox BULLET - New Revolutionary Forged Carbon Wheels revealed at EICMA 2019. Project Development of the innovative process of manufacturing complex solid forms from composite materials and implementation into the automotive wheel received European Union co-financing. Create your custom wheel graphics to fit your individual style and.
  4. The lighter wheels only saved 2s, while the aeros came in at 5h 14m 10s - a 7m 34s saving. Even on the 13.2km Alpe d'Huez climb, the lightweight wheels bettered the ultimate aero combo by just.
  5. 19 August 2020 - Alicante, Spain: Mondraker, the independent, specialist mountain bike brand from Spain, has unveiled a super-light new XC bike - the 2021 Podium. The lightest 29er carbon hardtail frameset in the world at just 775g (size M), Podium is set to give riders the best advantage possible in XC racing
  6. After testing Reynolds' carbon BLACKLABEL 27.5 Plus wheels over the past couple months, I can confirm that these particular plus wheels are indeed dialed. Materials Reynolds is laser-focused on building high-end, lightweight, and durable mountain bike wheels, and the fact that the company's MTB lineup features only carbon rims shows just how committed they are to carbon fiber
Review: 77-Gram Trigon VCS06 Carbon Road Bike Saddle

Without quality wheels, gears, brakes and finishing kit, although you have a lightweight and strong frame, you may be looking to upgrade parts sooner rather than later. So we've done the legwork and found 5 bikes that give the best value for money if you're on the lookout for a sleek, light, speedy and downright stunning road bike I'm selling my Lightweight Carbon Limited Edition Tubular Wheels from my recently purchased bike as on the photo (NOTE: bike is not part of this sale). Wheels are extremely light and stiff, they are the best brand on the market. The total weight including the tyres (with inner tubes build in) is only 1664 g Carbon wheels. 40mm wide tubeless; 35mm wide tubeless; 30mm wide tubeless; 27mm wide tubeless; Mtb frames; Road bike Carbon rims. 28mm wide bike rims; 25mm wide bike rims; 23mm wide bike rims; 20.5mm wide bike rims; 31mm wide bike rims; Carbon wheels. 30mm road bike wheels; 35mm road bike wheels; 38mm road bike wheels; 45mm road bike wheels. Ekay is a professional Chinese manufacturer in 700c clincher lightweight bike wheels best carbon wheels carbon road rims carbon fiber wheel carbon fiber road bike wheels,our main products are carbon road bike rims,carbon mountain bike wheelset,carbon fat bike wheels,carbon folding bike rims and so on.Welcome to xiamen,China to visit Xiamen Ekay Composites Technology Co.,Limited

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Best Triathlon and Road Bike Wheels in 2021. 1. ZIPP 404 Firecrest Carbon. The ZIPP 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher wheelset would be categorized as a deep-rim aerodynamic wheel. Since this is a clincher, you'll be able to easily change a flat, if you get one on the course. The inner tube is separate and makes it easy to get on and off Carbon Sports founded Carbon Fiber Tech, a ground-up facility that was tasked with putting the intricately designed wheels into limited production, while remaining faithful to the exacting quality and construction methods implemented by Lightweight's founders. The first ridable wheel left CFT one year later. Presently, production is 30 wheels per day-an exponential leap from the one-a-day.

Best road bike wheels: Our pick of the best wheelset

That's about the same price as Zipp's NSW wheels, or Enve wheels with the brand's carbon hubs. And while the Cadex wheels are much cheaper than Lightweight's jaw-dropping $9,900 Fernweg. Aeolus XXX: Our fastest, lightest and most stable carbon road wheels; Stability runs deep. Carbon wheels are aerodynamic, light and fast. But they've also had their drawbacks. Braking can be sketchy, and carbon hoops can blow you all over the road in a strong crosswind. Until now. The all-new Aeolus XXX wheels are built on a wider rim with a redesigned shape that's both faster and more. ICAN 18 Inch 355 Carbon Wheelset is a 45mm deep rim that is made from Toray T700 carbon fiber. Toray T700 allows our engineers to design a layup that not brings you light wheels but also allows us to build in strength and stiffness. Suitable use for Birdy 18 inch and upgrade Volck Rhyolite bike or others Best road bike wheel upgrades. Emily Budd 2 April 2020. 8,308 4 minutes read. We've delved into Chain Reaction Cycles' huge road wheel selection to hand-pick some of the best road wheel upgrades, whether you're a sportive rider, racer, or just looking for top value. [Original article updated to reflect current availability of wheels] Why upgrade your wheels? A new wheelset is one of the.

The Best Carbon Wheels Under $1,300 BIKE Magazin

The bike's carbon frame can accommodate 650b and 700cc wheels. Drawbacks People have said that although this Salsa bike enables them to cover distances quickly and effectively, it is a bit more expensive than other bikes in the same category May 19, 2016 - www.carbonwheelfactory.com/lightweight-carbon-wheels_s At last a portable e-bike CARBO is one of the lightest e-bike on the market without compromising performance and power. It's also lighter than most regular bikes thanks to it's state of the art carbon fiber frame and premium parts. Follow. All CARBO Bikes are delivered to your door, requiring minimal assembly. Before delivery, you will access your CARBO customer portal. In your portal you will. Zpe Bicycle is a professional Chinese Carbon Bicycle Parts manufacturer in road bike wheels, Carbon Road Bicycle Wheels,carbon fiber road bicycle wheels,carbon bike wheels,DT240 road wheels R&D, retail, wholesale,OEM customizatio

Review | Roval's Control Carbon wheelset isn't the lightest, but it is damn good value 01 Aug 2019 Roval has cooked up a solid and thoroughly reliable set of hoops in the Control Carbon wheelset, which features 25mm wide tubeless-ready carbon fibre rims laced to bombproof DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs They have a carbon wheelset for 29'er mountain bikes that's priced well below most carbon wheels. Almost too good to be true in fact, so here it is: Superteam Full Carbon Mountain Bicycle Wheelset 29″ MTB Hookless Rim. 29er MTB Wheelset [yes, for a pair!] Finish: UD Matte; Rim Depth: 25mm; Rim Width: 27mm; Rim Type: Hookless; O.L.D: Thru-Axle Type Front 15*100mm Rear 12*142mm; Cassette.

Marin Rift Zone Carbon 1 2021 Bike - Mountain Bikes - Bikes» Lauf Trail Racer Fork

Lightweight - Carbon Laufräder, Rahmen, Komponenten für

The carbon wheel market is getting broader. The carbon wheel market has followed the same trend as carbon bikes in that as time has passed, lower-priced alternatives from new brands have slowly. 1369g only Lightest Carbon Tubular 700c 88mm Road Bike Wheels Bicycle Wheelset Bitex/Dati R1 Super light hubs 20 24 Holes UD 3K - buy at a price from 346.49 USD. Choose from 21 great deals from online stores. Compare prices, specifications, photos and reviews from buyers

2018 Scott Foil Premium Disc SRAM Red ETap Road BikeFoldable Commuter Bike | Buy Lightest Folding BicycleFFWD Full Carbon Tri Spoke/3 Spoke Wheel,70mm Clincher For

Ekay is a professional Chinese manufacturer in tubular lightweight road wheelset road bike wheels 700c fastest carbon wheelset lightest carbon wheels best bike wheelset,our main products are carbon road bike rims,carbon mountain bike wheelset,carbon fat bike wheels,carbon folding bike rims and so on.Welcome to xiamen,China to visit Xiamen Ekay Composites Technology Co.,Limited The TR 309 S wheels are a quality lightweight carbon wheelset that are stiff with precise handling with a lively feel. They are also impressively durable, standing up to all of our test ride abuse in stride, in addition to being backed by a lifetime warranty. If you consider the weight of your bike parts, or even if you don't, th [CUSTOMIZE] Build Your Carbon Fiber 29 Mountain Bike Wheelset (Front + Rear) Unit Price: 30US$ 32 reviews / Write a review. Front Mountain Rim Rear Mountain Rim. Rim Finish & Holes. UD Matte 28Holes . UD Matte 32Holes . Other (leave a note) Hubs Type & Size. Freehub Ratchet Teeth. 36T (DT Swiss EXP) 54T (DT Swiss EXP) (+100US$) 115T (Industry Nine) Freehub Body. Shimano 10/11S Sram XD (+15US.

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