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component on xDai. Docs. Select a Wallet. Please select a wallet to connect to this dapp: MetaMask ; WalletConnect ; What is a wallet?. Component enables stable coin swaps and provides a way to convert between stable coin instances. Due to the xDai Multi-Bridge Ecosystem, 2 (or more) instances of the same token can co-exist, for example USDC bridged from Ethereum and USDC bridged from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Flexible AMM protoco

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  1. In this guide, we will use an alternative method to bridge a stablecoin like DAI using a combination of several bridges — xPollinate, Omnibridge and Component bridge. Obtaining xDAI. To faciliate transactions on xDAI, you'll first need xDAI on your address on the xDAI network
  2. Anyways, now we can use a liquidity pool in component.finance to swap the xDai (binance-pegged) that we have to wrapped xDai. This is URL of the pools: https://xdai.component.finance/ Click on Swap, and then choose to do the swap from DAI (BSC) to WXDAI as seen below
  3. Use Component xDai to swap your wxDai to Binance Dai tokens on xDai. Again, connect your wallet, and select the swap tab: Now you need to select wxDai and Dai (BSC) options, set the amount of Dai you want to send, and click Execute
  4. t xDai, Dai is locked in the bridge contract and the equivalent amount of xDai is created on the xDai chain. In order to return this xDai to Dai, xDai is burned and Dai is unlocked
  5. Total Value Locked. $126.70M. Transactions per day 120,064. Average block time 5 seconds. Total transactions. 33,589,750. Total blocks 16,649,708. Wallet addresses 1,826,078. View All Blocks

xDai Stable Chain. The xDai chain is a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. The chain uses a unique dual-token model; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees, and STAKE is a governance token used to support the underlying POSDAO Proof-of-Stake consensus Even 0.03 xDai would do. I am trying to bridge DAI(BSC) on the xDai chain to WXDAI on xdai.component.finance. I didn't know I would need xDai for transaction fees and buying some now would be more than I can afford. I was trying to get my DAI on Binance over to the matic network. Would someone be able to help xDai Bridge ; Omni Bridge ; Binance Bridge ; Anyswap Bridge ; Omni AMB Live Monitor ; Binance AMB Live Monito 1) Switch your MetaMask to the xDai chain (if you haven't setup yet, instructions here). Click on Assets, then scroll down and click Add Token. Click on Assets, then scroll down and click Add Token. 2) Select Custom Token and paste in the address from your newly bridged token Swap your USDC from BSC to xDai via the bridge: http://omni.xdaichain.com/ Note: USDC on BSC and xDai are different tokens so keep going to step 3 Swap USDC (BSC) for USDC via Component: https://xdai.component.finance/?tab=swa

The xDai bridge is used to move Sai/Dai to the xDai chain, and xDai back to the Ethereum mainnet Go to Component Finance, select the Swap option and convert your BSC DAI to WXDAI. Once this process is completed, you will be able to use the wrapped xDai on Honeyswap. Also, if you want to use it elsewhere as xDai it can be unwrapped using Wrap ETH The xDAI to BSC bridge has the exact same interface as the above described Ethereum to xDAI OmniBridge. Two differences to keep in mind with the xDAI to BSC bridge versus the Ethereum to xDAI bridge are: The same token will have a different xDAI address. In the case of SURF, the xDAI token address is 0xc12956b840B403b600014a3092f6EBD9259738fE. When adding a custom token to your transfer, paste this address to add SURF xdai.component.finance/ DAI (BSC) to WxDai (xDai) app.honeyswap.org/#/swap WxDai (xDai) to xDai (xDai) xpollinate.io/ xDai (xDai) to Dai (Matic) app.1inch.io/ Dai (Matic) to Matic (Matic) My test started with USD$4.52 in DAI, ended with USD$4.32 in Matic. I followed the instructions from here: https://dailydefi.org/articles/assets-from-bsc-to-xdai/

These components include: The xDai Token. xDai tokens are used to pay for gas and transactions on the xDai chain. They are a stable token (worth ~ 1 USD) created from locked Dai. Bridges. xDai TokenBridges provide multi-chain compatibility and interoperability. Explorers. There are two explorers for xDai, and these include: BlockScout: A full-featured explorer for xDai, which is available here. Xdai () Cryptocurrency Market info Recommendations: Buy or sell xDai? Cryptocurrency Market & Coin Exchange report, prediction for the future: You'll find the xDai Price prediction below. According to present data xDai (STAKE) and potentially its market environment has been in a bullish cycle in the last 12 months (if exists)


A component represents networks by id: ETH - 1; BNB - 56; HT(Heco) - 128; xDai - 100; Polygon - 137; To detect chain is used event chainChanged inside react hook useEffect. useEffect(() => { window.ethereum.on('chainChanged', (_chainId) => { console.log(_chainId); setCurrentChainID(() => parseInt(_chainId, 16)) }); }, []) HoneySwap: the Uniswap V2 clone on xDai. Component Finance: unlocks stable coin swaps and liquidity farming. Orchid VPN: a pay-as-you-go VPN service integrated with xDai. DAOHaus: cheap DAO governance, proposal and voting directly on xDai chain. Nifty.Ink: create your own NFT and mint onto Ethereum blockchain for miniscule prices For this, you will use Component Finance. Go to https://xdai.component.finance/ and connect to the website with your wallet, set for xDai network. To add xDai network as a Custom RPC on your Metamask, you should do the same when you were adding BSC as a Custom RPC. However, this time, it should look like the following: And you can find a list of alternative RPC URLs for xDai on our Wiki: https. Sushi Bao Component PoolTogether Omen Perpetual Swapr Levin. NFT NiftyChess NiftyInk Unique Bubbles Unifty Cargo Unique.One SNAFU Snowflakes. More. xDai Mainnets Ethereum Classic POA RSK Testnets POA Sokol Other Networks ARTIS Σ LUKSO L14 / Search. Faucet Coins are distributed in increments of 0.01 xDAI. You can request once per day per phone number. We don't store raw phone numbers in.

[kovan,goerli,mainnet,rinkeby,ropsten,matic,mumbai,xDai,POA] You can verify contracts as part of the deploy.js script. We have created a tenderlyVerify() helper function, which takes your contract name and its deployed address Next, go to https://xdai.component.finance/. Use the Swap function to convert USDC to USDC (BSC). Approve and Execute the transaction. 4. Next, go to https://bsc-to-xdai-omnibridge.web.app/ and choose to convert BUSDC to USDC on Binance Smart Chain. Make sure your network is set to Xdai all this while and ignore the warning message in the screenshot below if it appears. Now, click Unlock and. Tokens bridged cross-chain are appended with the on xDai or on BSC. There are instances where bridging across multiple chains creates token names such as STAKE on xDai on BSC for example. Double bridging also can result in multiple instances of the same token on a single chain. For example, USDC can be bridged to xDai from Ethereum and also bridged to xDai from BSC. This results in 2 separate USDC token instances on xDai. These tokens cannot be merged into a single instance after they.

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The xDai Chain is an Ethereum-based blockchain that uses USD-stable xDai (a representation of DAI token) as the native coin of the network. It's a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive stable transactions. As part of the grant, Protofire will provide several key components to the integration, including Though I will be discussing both components of the project throughout this report, the Metric Analysis section will naturally be focused on STAKE, which is the non-pegged Proof-of-Stake consensus token, as opposed to xDai, which is the USD-pegged stablecoin. xDai is both the term used for the actual blockchain and the stablecoin

The 1st phase of xDai DeFi candidates are HoneySwap, Perpetual Protocol, BaoSwap, Component and the upcoming Agave lending protocol. DeFi on xDai is growing daily with new protocols and mainnet. As of this writing, this component has been deployed across Ethereum mainnet and Ropsten/Kovan testnets, as well as Ethereum Classic and xDai mainnet. Non-Fungible Token Wrapper. Status: Alpha / Not Deployed / Open for Comment. The next component is the NFT Wrapper. With this wrapper, users can bundled any number or amount of ERC-20. Guide to bridging DAI from Polygon to xDAI and BSC. 19 days ago 4 min read In this guide, we will use an alternative method to bridge a stablecoin like DAI using a combination of several bridges — xPollinate, Omnibridge and Component bridge. Read Now Read Later. By: Stakingbits. Bridging Bitcoin (BTC) onto Polygon (Matic Network) via WBTC. 20 days ago 2 min read DeFi Polygon. Bitcoin is a.

Welcome! Honeyswap is a 1:1 deployment of Uniswap V2 on the xDai network with no additional changes. If you are new to the Honey ecosystem or to xDai, check out our FAQ first. The pages that follow contain comprehensive documentation of the Uniswap V2 ecosystem. If you are new to Uniswap, you might want to check out the Protocol Overview All Defender components, where applicable, provide support for the Ethereum Mainnet, as well as the Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan, and Goerli test networks, plus the xDai, Fuse, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Moonbase, Polygon, and Avalanche C chains, along with their respective testnets where applicable LTI is based on ten component Tokens. The Layer 2 Index, in collaboration with Honeyswap on the xDai chain now is providing liquidity for the Sushiswap dex through the SushiMaker.sol smart contract: // SushiMaker is MasterChef's left hand and kinda a wizard. He can cook up Sushi from pretty much anything

The hook will cause the component to refresh whenever a new block is mined and the value is changed. Calls will be combined into a single multicall across all uses of useChainCall and useChainCalls. It is recommended to use useContractCall where applicable instead of this method. Parameters. call: ChainCall | Falsy - a single call, also see ChainCall. A call can be Falsy, as it is important to. Hatchbank (Venturedao), one of the core components of the DAOSquare incubator, launch the MVP and adding features; Recruit the Founder Members; By end of August: Farmiland 1.0: OVO Grants Points redeem; CCO Points redeem; DAOSquare Community Governance Character redeem ; Other redeem; Hatchbank 1.0: — Capital injection — Fund and member management — Invest and exit rules (details release. xDAI Chain. xDai Chain is an Ethereum-based sidechain that allows users to process fast and inexpensive transactions. The platform uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that enables users to stake the native xDAI token on the network to become validators. xDAI is a stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US Dollar

Modular design allows for future upgrades and component maintenance No consumables such as calibration or carrier gases Market-leading photoacoustic spectroscopy technology in terms of accuracy and durability Instant connectivity to Transformer Dashboard® Next: Explore G1 IMMEDIATE ALERTS ON CRITICAL TRANSFORMER FAULTS. Guardian Monitoring® with G1. GASES DETECTED. HYDROGEN. Hydrogen. Honeyswap - a fork of the decentralized exchange uniswap, built on the xDai ChainIdex - a decentralized L2 exchange combining the performance and speed of centralized exchanges with the security of a DEX.Integral - an AMM based DEX that seeks to absorb liquidity from existing exchanges and offers capital efficient trading/liquidity provision Jelly Swap - a peer to peer trading tool across. The Action phase, is when the Layer 2 Index components are adjusted, added and deleted as per the instructions published after the end of the observation phase. New index weights, additions and deletions are incorporated into the Layer 2 Index during the monthly reconstitution, which will take place on the first business day of the month. As tokens tracked by the Layer 2 Index grow, the.

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This documentation aims to help developers of decentralized application (DApp) to leverage the imToken DApp SDK. In general, DApps need a host environment and the user's wallet to interact with. Just like for example Metamask, imToken is providing this environment within the imToken wallet app He specialises in designing components for a range of products such as Tailwind UI. In his spare time, he is usually building an extensive icon library at Iconic in collaboration with the cool people at MakeLemonade. Before joining the wonderful team at Tailwind, James was freelancing and working under the alias Wireframe. During this time he worked with a plethora of talented individuals and. I truly believe that wallets are a major component in the road to adoption and mainstream use of cryptocurrencies and Dexwallet has positioned as an agile user-focused product. Mobile Native dApps We integrated the best apps on our Store so you can use them without ever leaving the wallet Payments have never been so fast Whether it's going to be in person or online, you will be able to use.

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totalSupply: A method that defines the total supply of your tokens, When this limit is reached the smart contract will refuse to create new tokens.; balanceOf: A method that returns the number of tokens a wallet address has.; transfer: A method that takes a certain amount of tokens from the total supply and gives it to a user.; transferFrom: Another type of transfer method which is used to. Component Finance: Curve trên xDAI, phục vụ việc swap Stablecoin. DeFi Wizard: Platform hỗ trợ việc phát triển DeFi Smart Contract. pNetwork: Governance layer cho hệ sinh thái sử dụng pTokens. pTokens là một tài sản unchained, cho phép dịch chuyển thanh khoản qua lại giữa các chain khác nhau Launching on xDAI, v2 at xdai.alchemy.do When you create a DAO, it creates an instance of the multiple components defined in Arc. The first step is to name your DAO, and choose a token symbol. Note that you don't need to use this token if you don't want to, but every DAO has a token. Next, you will need to define the parameters of your DAO. There are tool tips (upon hover) over the.

Digital collectibles compatible with the ERC-721 standard have become very popular since the launch of Cryptokitties and have moved forward towards mass adoption in recent months. This guide will cover creating and deploying our very own ERC-721 (NFT) using the 0xcert/ethereum-erc721 smart contract library To allow us to open up to the world of DeFi, we would like to introduce you to the first component of our Protocol — the Genesis Vision Gateway. This will be launched on two blockchains: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Xdai Chain (XDAI). We will get into how it all works a little later in the article xDai. Binance Smart Chain. Powered by GitBook. Panda. PNDA will unlock 5% of harvested tokens. The remaining 95% are locked. Those tokens will lock until BSC block 15513277, and will unlock in a linear fashion until block 68079942 (roughly 6 years from the beginning of emissions). Panda is the first franchise from Bao Finance's multi chain empire and sets foot in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC.

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Another convenient component in the Tezos ecosystem is the Kukai wallet. OpenMinter will integrate with a number of wallets, Kukai being one of them. Kukai wallet enables you to send XTZ to and from Twitter, Reddit, and Google accounts. This means that if you are logged in on, for example, on Twitter, your browser connects Kukai with your Twitter account after you open Kukai. And that's it. Wallets. Our digital exchange and online cryptocurrency wallet is great for people new to Bitcoin. It makes buying and selling very easy and safe. With all Cryptocurrency Values. Calculate Live Cryptocurrency. Compare cryptocurrencies against each other and start trading them with KingxBit. Bitcoin Ether US Dollar Euro British Pound Sterling. Step 2: Deploy AnyswapV4ERC20 via AnyswapCREATE2. AnyswapC R EATE2 is available on Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, xDAI, and Matic. More deployments to follow. Deploy with the same code and salt to all the chains you wish to have your token on. **NOTE** if you prefer to manually deploy, be sure to immediately call initVault (address _mpc. Chainlink's first component consists of on-chain contracts deployed on Ethereum's blockchain. These oracle contracts process the data requests of users looking to take advantage of the network's oracle services. If a user or entity wants access to off-chain data, they submit a user contract (or requesting contract) to Chainlink's network, and the blockchain processes these requests. Dragon Age: Inquisition allows you to lead your own organisation supported by some of the most capable people on the continent. Fight against demons, dragons, ancient darkspawn. Show everyone that Inquisition is needed, and is the only organisation that can prevent the world from crumbling

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The xDai Chain is an Ethereum-based blockchain that uses USD-stable xDai (a representation of DAI token) as the native coin of the network. It's a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive stable transactions. As part of the grant, Protofire will provide several key components to the integration, including While the gas costs. Once back on xDai with either Dai or USDC from BSC, use https://xdai.component.finance/ to swap it to wxDai - you will find plenty of liquidity for it on xDai. ilovebunny May 25, 2021, 6:14pm #3. Hi, I am met with the same problem. Didnt know it was so problematic with USDT. Now stuck with 370usdt in xdai that cannot be moved anywhere. Can I have some xdai in the Eth Mainnet to convert it back. Public POSDAO is now live on xDai! We are very excited to announce the official launch of Public POSDAO on xDai! Staking is now available to delegators and open to participation for new validator candidates. The first public delegation reward was claimed today, and we already have double digit delegators participating in the current staking epoch! ⚡The snapshot governance portal is. xDai: This connected blockchain went live in March 2021. xDai was chosen due to the high maturity of the xDai ecosystem and production-grade/security audited bridges to Ethereum. It will likely become the workhorse blockchain on the ODN for the next several months at least

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xDai Chain validators are independent organizations who protect the public value of xDai Chain by participation in consensus, governance, interoperability. Protofire is proud to be among current xDai Chain validators alongside MakerDAO, Giveth, POA Network (R&D) and help the overall network become more decentralized and secure xDai, EWC, Volta. Desktop. Download (~200 Mb) Download the Gnosis Safe as a static desktop application for Windows, MacOS or Linux. All releases and SHA256 checksums . Mobile. Download . Conveniently manage your digital assets on-the-go. Features. For teams. For individuals. Multi-signature Fully customize how you manage your company crypto assets, with the option to require a predefined. Technologically-advanced Motherboard Designs Since 1993. Consistent highest-quality Design, Components, and Production Expertise. Extensive Range of x86 Serverboards Available. Competitive Price/Performance. High Performance Boards Supporting the Latest CPU, memory, and add-on Hardware Transaction signature component (hex encoded) r. Transaction signature component (hex encoded) s. Transaction signature component (hex encoded) blockHash. Block id hash for transactions that are on-chain. Field is null unless notification status is confirmed or failed. blockNumber. Block number for transactions that are on-chain xDai (STAKE) and DODO Technical Analysis: What to Expect? 12:30 PM. Dogecoin to Drop by 60% Despite Support From Elon Musk - Analyst. 12:00 PM. Uniswap (UNI) and Loopring (LRC) Technical Analysis: What to Expect? Keeping up with all the cryptocurrency news and updates is not an easy task, but we are up to the challenge! This way we can help our readers to keep track of changes in these fast.

Built in 2013 with the future in mind. Mooncoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency project which provides a fast, stable and modern blockchain Coinpaprika is a Cryptocurrency Market Research Platform. We deliver data from over 25 000 Cryptocurrency Markets. Check the latest Cryptocurrency Prices, Graphs, Cryptocurrency Exchanges ATH, Developer Teams, Community Statistics, Coin Market Caps Some components in the system will also be without timelocks for the first few days. We're planning on timelocking all critical components in the system as soon possible, but only after seeing that the protocol works as intended. Our goal is to secure multiple audits for the protocol — but we don't have any audits scheduled right now, or a definitive deadline for when to secure them. We. 鏈聞消息,一站式 DeFi 錢包 DeBank 新增支持 xDai 鏈的 DeFi 協議,用戶可以通過 DeBank 的 DeFi 資產總覽、聚合代幣兌換、DeFi 數據榜單等功能來訪問 xDai 上的 DeFi 協議。xDai 上首批支持的 DeFi 協議包括 HoneySwaDeFi,xDai,DeBank,Perpetual Protocol,Honeyswap,項⽬進展,Bao Finance,Agave,Componen As I see more projects embark on their multichain journey, I want to provide some tips learned and best practices; Step 1: Use a CREATE2 deployer. A CREATE2 deployer will give you deterministic addresses on all EVM compatible blockchains. Create 1 new account and fund it with native tokens (ETH, FTM, BNB, HT, xDAI, MATIC, etc)

There's xDAI and a variety of other blockchain solutions and layer 2 solutions that are working right now that have about the same either centralized or relatively centralized components as does BNB and Binance Smart Chain. Could it be that Binance Smart Chain just found itself a spot as a potential layer 2? I Don't Miss a Beat - Subscribe to get crypto email alerts delivered directly. Cryptocurrency calendar. 627 events will happen in the future, 54 events were added in the last 24 hours, total added 27450 events for all time. From Key components. Show the important components within each logical layer. Refine this to include actual process and component boundaries when you know them. Key services. Identify any important services. Show these as processes when you know them. Communication ports and protocols. Show which servers, components, and services communicate with each other and how they do it. Show the specifics of. Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure , token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets Anderson Greenwood pilot operated pressure relief valves provide advanced, reliable and efficient overpressure protection. With a track record of more than 50 years, the product technology is designed for a wide range of applications, from basic to the most severe service conditions. Learn More

B11SCG_CTF_BMC_5_72_17_release_notes.pdf. Bundled Software. *** Make sure to update firmware in this order: BMC (IPMI FW) first --> BIOS second --> CMM FW last. *** Open Readme - BIOS and IPMI Firmware Update.pdf inside the package and follow instruction when update firmware. *** Please update to the latest Aspeed VGA driver in your OS before. xDAI Stake (STAKE) $ 11.42 2.74%. Verus Coin (VRSC) $ 1.05 10.47%. Marlin (POND) $ 0.083587 0.96%. FIO Protocol (FIO) $ 0.192774 2.90%. Unit Protocol New (DUCK) $ 0.297189 15.12%. Oxen (OXEN) $ 1.16 0.42%. WPP Token (WPP) $ 0.020618 3.98%. BSCPAD (BSCPAD) $ 1.12 2.24%. Cardstarter (CARDS) $ 17.41 0.24%. Kadena (KDA) $ 0.500726 2.14%. cVault.finance (CORE) $ 6,234.86 13.96%. MX Token (MX) $ 0. Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. A simple formalized equation drives unstoppable liquidity for thousands of users and hundreds of applications One of the key components of a DAICO is the tap mechanism — a special smart contract that drips money to a vault address, owned by the fundraising team (in this case, the Aavegotchi team). As a DAO, you have the power to vote onchain to raise or lower the tap and control the flow of funds to Aavegotchi. Shortly after the bonding curve opens, we'll also be setting up an off-chain. Usdc-xdai - especially since usdc is one of the mostly heavily used stable coins on other networks it makes sense to me to have this route available for other networks as we expand connext bridges. I think this makes sense, though I do think a component pool (or other curve forked pool) would be more efficient for a stable-stable pair pool

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xDai Operational 90 days ago 99.89 % uptime. Today. Matic Operational 90 days ago 100.0 % uptime. Today. Mumbai Operational 90 days ago 100.0 % uptime. Today. BSC Partial Outage 90 days ago 93.53 % uptime. Today. Celo Operational 90 days ago 100.0 % uptime. Today . Fuse Operational 90 days. Assessing Commercial Off-The-Shelf & 3rd-Party Software. Commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) is a staple in today's modern software development world. Not only does it extend solution features, but it gets them to users faster. However, it also introduces risks that can adversely impact the proper operation of your system or product and.

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Smart Contracts ⭐ 1,204. Ethereum smart contracts for security and utility tokens. Hardhat ⭐ 1,124. Hardhat is a development environment to compile, deploy, test, and debug your Ethereum software. Get Solidity stack traces & console.log. Waves ⭐ 1,099. ⛓️ Reference Waves Blockchain Node (client) implementation on Scala ماشین حساب ارز دیجیتال️ [مبدل قیمت به دلار و تومان] بیت کوین. USD دلار آمریکا. معادل 789,612,400 تومان. ارزهای دیجیتال دارند به سرعت جای ارزهای فیات و سنتی را می‌گیرند. بیت کوین اولین ارز دیجیتال و.

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Single News Article. Contact. +011 3412 009. Cryptocurrency. Investments & ICO. Blockchain Solutions Our company specializes on Blockchain Technologies, SmartContracts, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Digital. Currencies Investments MORE INFO VIEW PRICING Cryptocurrency. Investments & ICO The second component to the God Protocols is being able to comprehend a wide range of logic (if x event happens, execute y action), meaning the blockchain is able to process a variety of instructions sent to it by users in the form of applications. As the first blockchain in existence, Bitcoin has a very narrow range of logic that it can process, namely moving BTC from one account to another. Polygon is a platform design to support infrastructure development and help Ethereum scale. Its core component is a modular, flexible framework (Polygon SDK) that allows developers to build and connect Layer-2 infrastructures like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, and Validium and standalone sidechains like the project's flagship product, Matic POS (Proof-of-Stake)

The growth of the Bitcoin Lightning network — which promises to help Bitcoin become a more efficient payment network — has picked up the pace this year. It's also getting easier to use. On June 14, the amount of bitcoin in the Lightning network broke 1,500 bitcoin, worth more than $60 million CoinTracker is the most trusted Bitcoin Tax Software and Crypto Portfolio Manager. Automatically connect Coinbase, Binance, and all other exchanges & wallets The core components of most DeFi wallets include: Non-Custodial - Users can send and transfer funds knowing they are the only one who has access to those funds ; Key-based - Underneath the hood, all DeFi wallets have a unique keypair. This is different from centralized wallets as users are responsible for the safekeeping of their private keys, often introduced through a 12-word seed phrase. Audius is currently trading at $0.913, up 3.12% in the last 24 hours. See insights on Audius including price, news, chart market cap and more on Messari

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