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The Blu-ray release includes three cuts of the film: the Theatrical Version (100 minutes), the Director's Cut (104 minutes, plus changes to existing scenes), and an Extended Cut (101 minutes, including the removal of some scenes and a different ending) On the side note this film has three versions: the Theatrical version (100 minutes), the Director's Cut (104 minutes, plus changes to existing scenes), and an Extended Cut (101 minutes, including the removal of some scenes and a different ending)

Altogether three different versions are available of Salt. One has to differentiate between the well-known theatrical cut, the Extended Cut and the Director's Cut. All three versions have been released on Blu-ray/DVD. Theatrical Cut: Shown on the big screen with a PG-13 rating—it was even cut for a 12A rating in the UK. The comparisons with both extended versions show that this version had to be cut due to regulations from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), made obvious by. The 101-minute Extended cut also adds a few scenes (while removing others), rearranges some scenes, and features another alternate ending. Of the three cuts, I found the Director's Cut to be.. Salt: Originaltitel: Salt: Produktionsland: Vereinigte Staaten: Originalsprache: Englisch, Russisch: Erscheinungsjahr: 2010: Länge: Kinoversion: 96 Minuten, Extended Cut: 97 Minuten, Director's Cut: 100 Minuten: Altersfreigabe: FSK 16 JMK 14: Stab; Regie: Phillip Noyce: Drehbuch: Kurt Wimmer, Brian Helgeland: Produktion: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Sunil Perkash: Musik: James Newton Howar The film ended up having two extra versions, the director's cut, and the extended cut—which Noyce refers to in his audio commentary as the film's original cut—both included on the DVD and Blu-ray Disc deluxe editions

Essentially, that's the ending of the extended versions. My favorite version is the director's cut extended version, which to me provides the most appropriate ending to the story, because it is an ending yet just a beginning -- and it's an ending that turns the whole story on its head, says Noyce However, director Ridley Scott's favorite cut of the film is the 1992 Director's Cut Ridley oversaw. The film cuts out the somewhat pandering and on the nose narration of Deckard seen in the theatrical version, something Harrison Ford also hated. The question of whether or not Deckard is a replicant is also touched upon; there is now a scene of Deckard dreaming about a unicorn, a hint that he could be a replicant. And on top of that, the film's ending doesn't have Deckard and.

(Extended/Director's Cut) A man is stabbed in the throat with the broken end of a vodka bottle instead of hit over the head. A woman is tortured briefly. As she is roughly handles, her eye is swollen and lip bloody. She is tied to the brown and water tortured The casual viewer of Donnie Darko may prefer the director's cut as it explains far more of the movie's plot in a clearer manner than the theatrical cut, however, fans of the movie believe that the director's cut dumbs down the plot of the movie SALT (2010) There sure are a lot On the DVD release, director Phillip Noyce included an extended version and a director's cut that adds more intrigue to the film. In the original, a Russian.

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I personally chose Hide Items which are in collections Add each version and have Directors Cut, Extended Edition, 3D, Remastered etc. for each title. You can edit the cover art individually. Now choose EDIT and select the TAGS tab. At the Bottom in Collections add the movie title. Do this for Each Individual Version. Now if you chose to Hide items which are in collections the movie Title will only show up once. When you select this Title, the different versions will show up. Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut, both taken from the respective German DVD by Kinowelt. There are 24,08 seconds missing in 18 cuts . 0:00. Different company logos at the beginning. Theatrical Version 0,88 sec. longer Steve recently spoke to Snyder at the press day for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and asked which of the three versions of the film—theatrical, Director's Cut, or Ultimate Cut—Snyder. Poll: Director's Cut/Extended Edition Movies. A poll by DoctorBuster. Which of these director's cuts or extended editions do you think improved the film? Ps. I have only included movies that have a rating above 7.5/10. Discuss here In the early 90s a work print from 1982 made the circuits as the director's cut, only problem was it wasn't signed off by the director. Ridley Scott disowned that version, which he said was poorly edited. As a result Scott made his own cut of the film in 1992, a cut without the cheesy noir voiceover or the cliché happy ending. Still, the director wasn't happy with it, and in 2007 he made his way back into the editing room to create the Final Cut

It removes several scenes, mostly anything humorous, emphasizing the horror and action, and has more extensive use of the Goblin music. -The Extended Version or Cannes Film Festival Version runs 139 minutes (this version was erroneously called the 'director's cut' when Elite Entertainment released it on laserdisc). It was assembled to premiere at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival and is something of a workprint. It contains many extended scenes and the soundtrack is almost entirely library. The Complete Novel (115 min.) The coming-of-age drama The Outsiders from director Francis Ford Coppola was met with mixed reviews when it premiered in 1983. The film adaptation of S. E. Hinton's controversial book had left many important character building scenes on the editing floor and was clocking at merely 91 minutes

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  1. The Alamo : Extended Director´s Cut (1960) John Wayne produces, directs and stars in this bigger than life ( Life Magazine) chronicle of one of the most remarkable events in American history. At the Alamo - a crumbling adobe mission - 185 exceptional men joined together in a sacred pact: they would stand firm against an army of 7,000 and willingly give their lives for freedom
  2. As most of you probably know, there are two versions of the film - the original 1973 cut and then a Version You've Never Seen (aka director's cut) that was released in the fall of 2000.
  3. utes of footage. Among the more significant added material are such additions as the flamboyantly over-the-top dance sequence set to Love is the Drug with Oscar Isaac's Blue and Carla.
  4. ute longer than its theatrical counterpart, a number of scenes and key plot points have been altered or.
  5. Die UNIVERSAL PICTURES ITALIA SRL - Salt (extended cut - deluxe edition) [Blu-ray] B004HK45NM kundenbewertung ist 3.6 von 5 Sternen ( 206 Rezensionen). Wir bereits jene Wissenschaft getan und zubringen viel Uhrzeit zu händen Sie selbst. Extended Cut pfui, Director's Cut hu
  6. And it's important to remember that the 1998 version isn't definitive, or a director's cut: Welles was making compromises with the studio in his memo, and his ideal version of the film.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut, both taken from the respective German DVD by Kinowelt. There are 24,08 seconds missing in 18 cuts. 0:00 Different company logos at the beginning. Theatrical Version 0,88 sec. longer 2:43 A shot of John. 1,60 sec. 16:05 The corpse can be seen a moment longer. 0,32 sec. 16:24 Another short shot of the dead man. 1,12 sec. 16:26 An. The unrated version of a movie allows people to watch the scenes that were removed from the main film. The reason for deleting these scenes could be that they were not useful for the main storyline, or the filmmakers wished to re-release the movie with extended directors cut. Both these versions ultimately help the viewer determine the. We may get to experience them at some point, but there are holy grails of the cinematic unseen that haven't been shown in any version, director's cut, theatrical, TV, edited or otherwise Technically that isn't an extended edition, and it's actually shorter than the theatrical. It's really a different movie from the first. Like with the Snyder Cut, IMDB has a separate entry for it because it's so different: That's odd, i though that director's cut was the darker and grittier one

These versions are the real Director's Cuts, which are updates of a movie that really do improve the theatrical version shown in theaters. While a director's cut has a 50/50 shot of improving or making a film worse (we're eagerly awaiting what Zack Snyder's Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice does), these next 12 examples no doubt top the original releases Extended Version: Romero wasn't a fan of the extended cut, so he decided to snip his own Director's Cut, which added in a load of character stuff and totalled about 15 minutes of extra footage Collector's Extended Edition (178 min.) The adventure epic Avatar reassured everyone that writer-director James Cameron is the King of the World. Well, at least as the King of the box office as Avatar made over $2.7 Billion worldwide. Since its release the record-shattering blockbuster has been released in two cuts, Special Edition and Collector's Extended Edition which were included. The Lost Media Wiki's article on the subject! Event Horizon was a 1997 sci-fi horror film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. Initially, the film ran for at least 130 minutes. This cut contained far more graphic violence and gore than the released version of the film. When Anderson screened the film for Paramount, they were disturbed by how horribly gruesome it was. Anderson felt that they had. Po delší době jsme se opět rozhodli udělat video společně. Pokud se chcete podívat jak video vznikalo, mrkněte na:MAKING OF: https://youtu.be/cVQ0EcpXVichtt..

Zu den bereits stolzen zwei Stunden und 15 Minuten Laufzeit von Es könnte nun noch eine weitere Viertelstunde hinzukommen, denn Regisseur Andy Muschietti plant einen längeren Director's Cut The Extended Director's Cut of 'Nymph ()maniac' Is the Must See Version. The fully realized five hour version of Lars Von Trier's Nymph ()maniac feels as worthy of revisits as your copy of. In 2014, Warner Bros released the restored four hour and eleven minute version known as the Extended Director's Cut, and the result - like with many of the director's cuts on this list - is a more. The Harry Potter Extended Versions have the deleted scenes, found on the home movie releases, cut back into the film. The extended versions of the first two movies were first seen on the ABC Family TV Network in 2004. The Ultimate Edition releases of Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets in 2009 included the extended versions of each film.

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  1. After an initial rewatch of the Director's Cut, which I'll refer to from now on as the DC, I watched both versions scene by scene across two screens and noted every change I could find
  2. My favorite version is the director's cut extended version, which to me provides the most appropriate ending to the story, because it is an ending yet just a beginning -- and it's an ending that turns the whole story on its head, says Noyce. In addition, there was a drowning scene that had to be shortened for the theatrical release to gain a PG-13 rating. Noyce was happy to be able to add.
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  4. Collins' Crypt: THE EXORCIST Director's Cut Vs. Theatrical Versions. Brian watches the Director's Cut and theatrical versions of THE EXORCIST back-to-back and compares the two. While I managed.

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Directors cut Ext. Version including unreleased footage of the recent single Don't Hoodoo MeSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1JFH5TEOJIIdkkk1QRzRSB.. Well those are the top 7 reasons I think the Extended Edition of LOTR is dumb and the Theatrical version is light-years ahead on so many levels. Sadly, I feel I'm taking crazy pills when I read some of the fan reviews of the EE and the majority of people say the exact opposite as me. But that's fine - they can be wrong. Hell, they're probably the same people who say the Star Wars. Sadly, he probably won't get the chance to release a director's cut, since the film came out prior to the rise in special edition DVDs. The unused footage was packaged off to a Transylvanian. I learned that with the remarkable extended collectors edition (ECE) cut of James Cameron's blockbuster Avatar. The ECE cut adds almost 17-minutes of additional footage and from the very beginning it feels like a new film, with more depth and context than the original (already long) version. But how to have both on my Plex? To start out, Plex automatically just assumed both versions were the. Provided to YouTube by IngroovesEnd of Battle - Director's Cut (Extended Version) · Projekt BrainstormThe Chronicles of Aigindur Chapter Seven℗ 2020 Projekt.

Earlier this year, IT director Andy Muschietti noted that an extended Director's Cut of this year's hit horror film, running approximately 15-minutes longer than the theatrical version, was. We can't help but wonder if WB plans to double dip, re-releasing the film as a Director's Cut in the near future. For now, we do have an idea what you can expect from the deleted scenes package Here it is, the great Thomas And The Magic Railroad Extended Cut also known as the Rough Cut or Director's Cut this is based off of a workprint that leaked a while back. What makes this different from the workprint that leaked? This is an edited version, similar to projects like Harmy's Despecialized. I have inserted shots from the Amazon. Out now, the Blu-ray of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch contains an extended version that replaces 17 minutes of cut footage. Here, Ryan compares the two versions..

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Superman The Movie: Extended Cut is presented in a 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 encode with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1, preserving Director of Photography Geoffrey Unsworth's visuals in all their epic glory.It is almost shocking to see the restored segments in high definition widescreen, compared to the recomposed shots (medium shots turning into close-ups and so forth) and panning and scanning which made. CHRONOSExpanding on the themes of Gaia and the Biosphere film series CHRONOS takes you on a journey around our beautiful planet. You will explore the wonde.. The Director's Cut of Alien is an alternate version of the 1979 film, released theatrically in 2003. Contrary to the vast majority of so-called director's cuts, it is actually a shortened version of the movie, decreasing the run time by around a minute. It features several alternate scenes not included in the original theatrical version, including the infamous Eggmorphing scene. Its.

Both versions should be fully restored for completist purposes. And each version improves on the other in different areas. Some of the edits on the Director's Cut, as well as some of the new. Director's Cut, Extended Edition und Kinofassung. Insgesamt vier neue Editionen bietet Studiocanal ab dem 05. Oktober an. Es gibt eine Blu-ray 3D-Filmdisc im Steelbook, eine normale 2D-Variante in Full HD und ein 4K-Set, in dem sich die Ultra HD-Blu-ray befindet. Darüber hinaus finden Sie unter terminator2-endoarm.de eine exklusive Limited Edition, die alle Editionen beinhaltet. Es fehlt. Doctor Sleep writer/director Mike Flanagan teases his more literary director's cut of the film and offers details on what's different in the extended cut

Director's cuts. Alien Director's Cut; Pearl Harbor; For extended and unrated cuts, deleted scenes are put into the movie, but the directors of the film normally don't have a lot of say with the. In den USA ist mittlerweile von Warner die Blu-ray für Terminator Salvation angekündigt. Am 1.12.2009 wird dort ein 3-Disc Set erscheinen. Neben vielen Extras, wird es die Kinofassung und den Director's Cut jeweils auf separaten Discs geben, während die Kinofassung noch einmal als Digital-Copy beiliegt. Für Deutschland gibt es im Moment noch keine Informationen zum Director's Cut

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Except maybe when they call it something else, such as Unrated Edition or Extended Edition, the Director's Cut has rarely been more than the original theatrical version with some added bits sewed back in. Case in point Ridley Scott's own Gladiator. But Scott is a big advocate of the home formats available to us, and what he says in his introduction on these releases are always telling. Kingdom. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Exorcist: The Version Youve Never Seen (DVD, 2010, Directors Cut) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Director's Introduction To Extended Cut; Action: The Expendables; San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Panel; Music Video; The Making-Of The Expenables; Welche anderen Artikel kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben? Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1 . Previous page. The Expendables 2 - Back For War - Uncut Version [Blu-ray] Stallone, Sylvester. 4,7 von 5 Sternen 3.687. Blu-ray. 7. Directors Cut, official selection, extended version HQUHDDolby4K. #Film Take a Ride in the @pudeldame_poodledame Bandbus. We ♥ u Finden Sie Top-Angebote für der Exorzist Extended Director's Cut Kinofassung Blu-ray bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition, Extended Edition, Director's Cut, Limited Edition. Mehr anzeigen Weniger ansehen. Weitere Artikel mit Bezug zu diesem Produkt. Artikel 1 Es war einmal in Amerika - Extended Edition [Blu-ray] [Director's Cut] Woods, Ja 1 - Es war einmal in Amerika - Extended Edition [Blu-ray] [Director's Cut] Woods, Ja. EUR 65,09. Kostenloser Versand. Artikel 2 Blu-Ray und. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen

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  1. For the first time ever a documentary feature is dedicated to Moritz Daniel Oppenheim who made history being credited as 'the first Jewish painter' as well as 'the painter of the Rothschilds and the Rothschild of the painters', as his pictures of traditional Jewish family life built bridges for an interfaith dialogue - a subject that couldn't be more up to date
  2. In the extended cut, Malick includes multiple scenes that reveal both the depth of the father's disappointment in himself and the origins of his cynicism in his relationship with his own father, a character cut from the theatrical release; there's also a new brother-in-law character who arrives for a visit and provides a contrasting view of masculinity that weakens Pitt's character in.
  3. I haven't seen the laserdisc version of this film, but from what I understand, it included an extra series of outtakes from the film (with introduction by Cosmatos). If you view the trailers, there are a couple of scenes that appear to have been shot, but were not added back into this cut. These include a scene with the Cowboys gathered around a campfire and an extended version of the.

5 Director's Cuts That Surpassed Their Theatrical Versions

  1. Der Director's Cut [dɪˈrektəz 'kʌt] ist die Schnittversion eines Spielfilms, mit welcher der Filmregisseur (engl. Director) seine persönliche künstlerische Intention umsetzt. Bei Berücksichtigung von nicht verwendetem Filmmaterial wird ein Director's Cut auch als Redux bezeichnet, z. B. Apocalypse Now Redux.. Charakteristik. Häufig wird ein Film aufgrund von getesteten.
  2. Neither an extended or director's cut of Wonder Woman has ever been released because, as Jenkins told us in 2017, there wasn't a single deleted scene. As such, Jenkins seems to be keeping in line.
  3. Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut is a 2004 re-cut version of Richard Kelly's directorial debut, Donnie Darko.A critical success but a commercial failure when first released in 2001, Donnie Darko grew in popularity through word-of-mouth due to strong DVD sales and regular midnight screenings across the United States. As a result of this growth, Kelly was approached by Bob Berney, president of.

11 Director's Cuts That Changed a Movie's Plot Mental Flos

Nevertheless, director Andy Muschietti has revealed that he is keen to release even longer director's cuts of both movies. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Muschietti stated that fans might be. 'Dances With Wolves'--the <i> Really</i> Long Version : Movies: A four-hour cut of the film opens in London. It features 52 minutes of footage that did not appear in the original release Das Boot: The Director's Cut 1981/1997 (1997) - Bavaria Film GmbH (Columbia TriStar) Film Rating: A-Disc Ratings (Video/Audio/Extras): B-/A-/B- Specs and Features 210 mins, R, letterboxed widescreen (1.85:1), 16x9 enhanced, 1 dual-sided, RSDL dual-layered disc, keep case packaging, audio commentary (with director Wolfgang Peterson, star Jürgen Prochnow and Director's Cut producer Ortwin.

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Nämlich dem Release einer Director's Cut oder Extended Cut Version des Filmst. Und es gibt nun eine sehr traurige, aber endgültige, Antwort. Es wird beides nicht geben! Kein Direcotr's Cut und auch kein Extended Cut. Gründe dafür wurden nicht genannt, aber es könnte wohl doch mit den bisher weniger guten Einspielergebnissen zu tun haben, über die wir berichteten. Und um es gleich noch. IT Extended Director's Cut Confirmed for 2018. Director Andy Muschietti confirmed that a director's cut of IT is coming in 2018, but it won't be on the Blu-ray coming in January An extended 159-minute cut version, from another VHS found in July 2009, premiered on March 27, 2010, as part of the HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. This new version adds almost an hour that was cut from the theatrical release, including a song sung by Lori, and more animation. Barker said that he hopes to bring back Danny Elfman to add more music.. Seven different versions of Ridley Scott's 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner have been shown, either to test audiences or theatrically. The best known versions are the Workprint, the US Theatrical Cut, the International Cut, the Director's Cut and the Final Cut.These five versions are included in both the 2007 five-disc Ultimate Collectors Edition and 2012 30th-Anniversary Collector's.

What is a Director's Cut? Every Type of Director's Cut

As I understand it, the Extended version is the 2000 Director's Cut which restored nearly all (if not all) the scenes that were cut by Friedkin after the studio execs reviewed the film. Blatty, the novel and screenplay author, was extremely upset with Friedkin for many years over this, in spite of the film's immense success and continued popularity. The Extended represents what would have. The 2005 Ultimate Director's Cut features the re-edited version of the movie. The Region 2 DVD cover uses the original movie artwork whilst the Region 1 DVD uses a new fire design. The details are as follows: Run Time: 90 minutes (PAL) or 93 minutes (NTSC). Format: Colour. Special Features: Introduction by Walter Hill about the new version of the film, 4 production featurettes (15 mins each. A new director's cut of Prince's iconic 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' guitar solo has been shared online - you can watch it below.. READ MORE: The 20 best Prince songs of all time by. Extended version- #DirectorsCut #birracicletta @ Giro Biero 2020 ‍♂️ ‍♀️ Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. 2beer. September 21, 2020 · Extended version- #DirectorsCut #birracicletta @ Giro Biero 2020 .

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️ Director's Cut - Extended Version. 3 Wochen Bauarbeiten in 57 Sekunden. Am Anfang war da die Idee ein Toilette für den Seminarraum zu bauen. ‍♀️ In der Planungszeit ist dann der Gedanke unser Seminarhaus zu etwas ganz besonderem zu machen stetig gewachsen. 9 tolle Bäder, 10 umgestaltete Zimmer, neue (Parkett-) Böden, Fussbodenheizung, viele verschiedene.

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2 extended scenes in the theatrical version; Stallone originally wanted the film to be called John Rambo, similar to Rocky Balboa. However, studios wanted to leave the door open for further sequels, so they wanted to avoid naming the film similar to Rocky's last film. The Director's Cut is unrated, as most Director's Cuts are The director revealed he is working on an extended version of the film based on the Stephen King's 1986 novel of the same name and has some very specific scenes he plans to incorporate into the. How The Fate Of The Furious Director's Cut Differs From The Theatrical Version. One of the major benefits of home video releases is the opportunity to release versions of a particular film that.

The Expanded Edition became the de facto version of Superman: The Movie until 2017, when Warner Bros. decided to re-release the film on Blu-ray - this time with all of the footage that had appeared in the TV cut.This version - released through Warner Archive - clocked in at three-hours-and-eight-minutes and was given the official title of Superman: The Movie - The Extended Cut Höre kostenlos Can o' Salt (Ch 3 Light World Extended Cut) von Danny Baranowskys Super Meat Boy! - Official Special Edition Soundtrack und sieh dir Coverbilder, Songtexte und ähnliche Künstler an Quentin Tarantino, always the perfectionist and tinkerer, said he has worked on and plans to release a director's cut of Django Unchained, his 2012 Western starring Jamie Foxx and. Die Stephen King-Verfilmung Doctor Sleeps Erwachen blieb an der Kinokasse leider erfolglos, vielleicht findet die Fortsetzung zu Stanley Kubricks Shining aber im Heimkino sein Publikum. Denn wie wir bereits berichtet haben, erscheint der Film, der mit 2,5 Stunden ohnehin nicht zu knapp geraten ist, ist einem verlängerten Director's Cut.Nun gibt es auch Details zum Umfang der Ergänzungen Stephen Kings Es: 2018 kommt ein Director's Cut. Von Björn Becher — 20.12.2017 um 10:02. FB facebook TW Tweet. In Kürze erscheint Es fürs Heimkino. Dabei wird erst einmal die.

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Die Übersetzungen sind jeweils für die aktuellsten Versionen der Spiele, sprich die Extended-Directors-Cut-Was weiss ich Versionen. Ich bitte zu beachten, dass diese Übersetzungen von mir angefertigt wurden und auf jeden Fall Schreibfehler, Kommafehler und ähnliche peinliche Dinge enthalten. Wer den Oberlehrer / die Oberlehrerin spielen will, der sollte sich also vorher eine Packung.

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